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WIT MOLD New CNC Machine Has Started Working

WIT MOLD New CNC machine has started working. This new machine is focusing on building your optic surface. If you worry about whether it is okay to make the radius 0.1mm for your optics surface or your light guide,  WIT MOLD can help you to complete this job successfully. New CNC machine

What Does Mold Saving In The Mold Mean?

What Does Mold Saving In The Mold Mean? Mold saving refers to the fitting that does not reach the design accuracy when assembling the mold, and abnormalities will occur when the product is produced, and the required accuracy is not reached, and the mold saving process is required for fine adjustment. The method of mold […]

The Difference Between Double Shot Molding And Overmolding

The Difference Between Double Shot Molding And Overmolding There are a variety of manufacturing methods used to make plastic molded products. The two methods mentioned in this article, double shot molding, and over-molding, are viable manufacturing processes and provide some advantages for many plastic manufacturers. Both of these processes are difficult to master because they require […]

Two-Shot Molding vs. Overmolding

What is two-shot molding?   Two-shot molding, also known as dual-shot, multi-shot, or double-shot molding is a subcategory of injection molding that allows engineers to create multi-material or multi-colored parts without adding additional assembly steps. The two-shot injection molding process is best understood, where different material layers or colors are created by the injection molding […]

WIT MOLD has lots of experience on mold making for automotive parts

We have lots of experience on mold making for automotive parts, included: 1. Lamps series 2. Console system series 3. Instrument panel series 4. Engine system series 5. Interior parts series 6. Exterior parts series If you have the automotive parts need to build mold, please contact us without hesitation. WIT MOLD team will support […]

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