What Are The Requirements For Injection Molding Machines For Precision Injection Molding?


Precision injection molding machine refers to the molding machinery and equipment suitable for the molding production of precision plastic products. For a precision injection molding machine, how should we measure or judge?

Many precision injection molding machines are also required

① High injection pressure and fast injection speed.

② The clamping system has enough rigidity and precision. The so-called precision of closing refers to the uniformity, adjustability, stability and repeatability of the closing force, as well as the high precision of the opening and closing position of the mold.

③ The pressure, flow rate, temperature and measurement can be accurately controlled to the corresponding accuracy, and the multi-stage injection can be used to ensure the reproducibility of the molding process and the repeated accuracy of the product.

Precision injection molding machines can achieve the benefits of high pressure molding

A, improve the precision and quality of precision products.

Injection pressure has the most obvious effect on molding shrinkage. When the injection pressure reaches 392MPa, the shrinkage rate of molding is almost zero. At this time, the accuracy of the product is only affected by the mold control or the environment. Experimental results show that the mechanical strength of the parts can be increased by 3 ~ 33% when the injection pressure is 98 ~ 392MPa.



B, can reduce the wall thickness of precision products, improve the molding length.

Taking PC as an example, the ordinary injection pressure of 177Mpa can form products with wall thickness of 0.8mm, while the precision injection pressure of 392MPa can form products with thickness of 0.45mm or more. Ultrahigh pressure injection machines can obtain products with higher flow ratio.

C. Increasing injection pressure can give full play to the efficacy of injection speed.

Injection molding machine performance to achieve precision injection

Injection molding products have been used in various fields, widely used to replace high-precision metal parts, so as to put forward strict requirements on dimensional accuracy, mass accuracy, apparent mass and mechanical properties of injection parts. At the same time, the technological factors affecting the quality of injection molding products also put forward higher requirements.

The ideal control state of injection molding machine is to directly control product size, mass, apparent mass, mechanical properties and other variables as feedback signals for feedback control. However, the method of direct measurement and conversion of these non-electric quantities into electrical signals has not been solved for the time being, and can only be solved by controlling the controllable variables of the injection molding machine that affect the quality of the above-mentioned products. .

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