• Company Profile

    WIT MOLD is very professional mould design and mould maker located South of China.

Who We Are

WIT MOLD is a very professional mould design and mould maker located South of China, certified ISO2009:2015 international quality standard. We started to build the complete molds since 2011, specializing in manufacturing different types of injection moulds for exporting worldwide mainly North America and Europe,including:

  • Conventional custom plastic molds
  • Precision injection moulds
  • Insert molding tools
  • High cavitation injection molds
  • Mold making for large components
  • Two Shot molds / 2K molds/ Bi-injection moulds
  • Unscrewing molds
  • Gas assist moulds
  • Injection structural foam molds
  • Special structural moulds
  • Thermoset molds
  • Die casting tools

WIT Mold Serves Multiple Markets

On average, WIT MOLD can export more than 200 sets of moulds per year. Markets served include Automobiles, Home Electrical Appliances, Medical and Health Care, Smart Home, Mobile Phone and Wearable Devices, Telecommunication, Agriculture, Packaging, Consumer Goods, etc, a variety of industries.

Our mission at WIT Mold is to make every project a success. And we aim to be the most trusted partner of each customer.

Let WIT MOLD help make your next project a success!



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