• Project Management

    A special and high efficient project management system at WIT MOLD.

WIT Mold aims to make every project a success. We achieve this through excellent project management.

WIT Mold employs a strong project “team“ to follow the project efficiently. The project “team” including Project Engineer/Project Manager, CNC team leader, EDM team leader, and Mold assembly team leader.The 4 depts. is the key to decide the quality and lead time.

Performance assessment is well applied in Project Management. There is a special project bonus for the Project “team” to motivate them to have excellent performance.

Our well-trained project Engineer/ Project Managers have extensive experience in the mold making industry along with excellent communication skills and organizational capabilities. They are qualified to be the coordinator for all project activities and have the responsibility to ensure the success of each project.

How the project can be tracked by our customers?

Project status reports are provided either by e-mail, team conference calls if needed.

1. Mold progress report
2. Mold trial report
3. Mold trial video
4. Sample inspection report
5. Sample photos

PRE SCREEN Mold trial report & Injection molding parameter sheet

T1 mold trial report BODY 2 project


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