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Two-shot Molding Guide

  What is Two-shot Molding Two-shot injection molding is a multi-material injection molding process. The molded plastic part can be a combination of two different materials or a combination of different colors of the same material. Two-shot molding can also be called 2k injection molding, double shot molding, multiple injection molding (sequential injection molding). When […]

What Are The Requirements For Injection Molding Machines For Precision Injection Molding?

Precision injection molding machine refers to the molding machinery and equipment suitable for the molding production of precision plastic products. For a precision injection molding machine, how should we measure or judge? Many precision injection molding machines are also required ① High injection pressure and fast injection speed. ② The clamping system has enough rigidity […]

Cheers for The New Year 2023!

Last Saturday is the Beginng of Spring, our factory had a big dinner together. We made a short summary of 2022 and had awards for our excellent colleagues. Even though the year 2022 was hard, our factory still had good performance. Here we appreciate all our customers trust and support to our factory. After 10+ […]

Plastic Injection Molding: The Cooling Rate Process

  In plastic injection molding, the cooling rate is the last section of the molding cycle. The cooling rate is a decreasing rate from the time the plastic resin enters the mold until the last cavity of the mold is filled. When the cooling process is complete, it is safe to remove the part from […]

What Is Thermoset Molding?

Many people are not aware of the advantages of thermoset materials. This guide describes the thermoset molding process and how it can benefit you. *Thermoset Molding Thermoset molding is an irreversible molding process by which malleable forms of plastic are forced into a heated mold and formed into their final shape. Thermoplastic molding is the […]

What is Unscrewing Mold?

One of the most unique types of injection molds is unscrewing molds. Unscrewing molding is a unique injection molding process with mold technology that includes movement and rotation to produce threaded components. Some plastic parts such as caps and closures with detailed threads cannot be removed using standard knock-off methods. After they are molded, parts […]

What is Two-Shot Molding?

Definition Two-shot molding, also known as dual-shot, multi-shot, or double-shot molding is a subcategory of injection molding that allows engineers to create multi-material or multi-colored parts without adding extra assembly steps. The two-shot injection molding process is best understood in terms of the different layers of materials or colors that are created by the injection […]

What Are The Advantages Of Gas Assist Molds?

  Gas assisted injection molding is a process for producing big plastic to get rid of complicated designs as well as excellent ornamental surface area coatings. Continue reading to get more information about the advantages of gas assist molds. Smooth surfaces   Gas assist injection molding likewise produces much smoother surface areas to attain the […]

How do you make a plastic mold?

In today’s manufacturing environment, plastics are used to manufacture a variety of items. Each application requires a special manufacturing process, which can shape parts according to their specifications. If you are making plastic parts, the first thing you need to determine is the type of molding that is best suited to your particular application.At WIT […]

Successful T1 Mold Trial

We are so glad to share this good news! We did good job again! T1 Mold trial is very successful today! Thanks for all our WIT MOLD Team’s hard working and good skills! We are also truth grateful to the customers who choose us as your supplier in China.  

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